PBN Building

The Private Blog Network are a group of websites that are developed to build links to the money website to get higher ranking in the Google search engine results. A money website is the one that is ranked in the search engine results and the one that actually makes money. One important aspect about a PBN site is that they are not interlinked with each other. They are single entities that are not related to any of the other websites.

When it comes to ranking in the search engine results, links play a very important role. According to Google backlinks are the authority of search engine ranking. When you receive a link from a website that is in good books of Google according to the algorithm, then your site can definitely get a better ranking in the search engine results.

Thousands of websites that have good metrics are either sold or get expired on a daily basis. The matrices include Domain Authority that shows how authoritative the domain is, Page Authority that measures the authority of every single page in the site, Trust Flow which refers to the dependability of the links and finally Citation Flow that measures the power of the links to the website. We buy domains that have good numbers of above-mentioned matrices and build PBN sites based on that for our clients.

We build the PBN sites with top-notch design and quality content. We add the right anchors and the links in the blogs which will have a positive impact on the ranking of the site in the search engine results. When the site is perfectly done, it is hosted with a different account to make sure not to leave any footprints which can be tracked by Google within seconds.