Five Ways to Improve your Site’s Ranking

Site ranking in today’s world plays a key aspect in the world of SEO as the better a rank of the site the more people will be drawn towards it. The rank of the site is based on various aspects, and these aspects determine the ranking of the site. Creating a site and uploading content does not alone increase the traffic on your site and make it the best. Hence here are five suggestion which you can use to improve your site ranking and make it reach to the top.


1) Upload High -Quality content

One of the best ways to increase site ranking and the traffic on it is by uploading high-quality content on it.  Content with a high quality usually attracts readers and also improves the overall site authority relevance of the site. It is highly advised that you think from the user’s point of view and the keywords that they might use to search for anything specific while designing or uploading the content. You can use specific keywords and repeat them all over in the middle, top and bottom paragraphs. Using emphasis tags such as highlighting the keywords using bold or italics makes it easy for the user to notice what they are looking for but make sure not to use it often as it may make the site look bad.


2) Updating content periodically

Regularly updating content on a site helps in maintaining the relevancy of the site. Search engines are more concentrated on the regular updating of the content on a site as it helps to keep the site fresh and also helps in maintaining an excellent rating of the site. Updating content helps to bring people back to visit the site regularly as if a user constantly keeps finding good quality and more variety of content on a page then they are bound to visit the same site again and again.


3) Make it a link worthy site

It is highly advisable that you use relevant links along with the text. Using illustrative links by linking words helps to maintain a certain standard on your site as you will refrain from using repetitive words such as “Click here” and “Visit here.” This simple process improves search engine optimization of your site and even helps people with specific disabilities identify words efficiently who use screen readers to understand words.


4) Add more than texts

Writing and uploading good quality content is without a doubt a great way of getting users to visit your site but along with this adding images, videos and slideshows can help to make the users experience much better. Adding images has a bonus to it as it allows you to add extra words and you can even give a specific name to the images which makes it easy for the users to search for what they are looking. Make sure to either compress or resize the image while adding it on your page to avoid your page from delaying to open which might make a negative impression on the user.


5) Improve the loading speed of the page

Every site has a specific loading speed based on the content and the images or videos it has on it.  A recent study shows that 40% of the visitors only wait for 3 seconds before they shift on to another site. There are countless sites on the net which can provide them with the content they desire thus always ensure to use certain tricks such as having the images and the key header words load first on the top which compels the visitors to stay on the site as they can see what they desire on the screen.

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