Beginners to Advanced Guide to Building a PBN

What is PBN All about?


PBN Private Blog Network is a group or set of domains (high authoritative websites) that are controlled by either an individual or an entity, and used for building links to your money website (the site which helps in making business and money for you) so as to improve your website ranking in Google’s search engine page results.


Why should we Build and Workaround PBN’s?


PBN’s are usually made up of the expired domains (a website which once used to be active with content and managed by someone) which have good backlinks to send juices to your main site. These expired domains can be bought from a niche website. When owners do not want to continue owning a domain, then wait for domains registration to expire. Thus when domains are no longer registered, that is when people come forward to purchase expired domains by paying nominal registration fee from these niche website. However, every PBN sites are not linked to each other in any manner. The central concept behind PBN is that they should appear as unrelated to each other posing as natural links unlike someone linking to their own website from other websites. Obtaining natural links is a slow process and uncertain hence we seek help from SEO experts to obtain PBNs from niche websites as discussed above so the result would be to achieve a higher ranking in Google within few weeks. Number and quality of Backlinks are an important ranking factor for PBN’s. If you need a higher rank in search engine results, then you must have backlinks. PBN works by the principle of having existing authority from an expired domain to pass trust and relevancy through a contextual link within the body of content to increase the complete domain authority to your main site. Hence working with PBN’s is the shortest gateway to get a large number of premium backlinks without getting into the headache of the tedious link building process.

The Essence of a PBN:

The key to creating an excellent PBN is making it look and feel like any other real website. When you succeed in this you’ll create the most powerful PBN website. Every PBN should be able to pass a manual review from a Google employee meaning you need to make sure you have all the relevant pages: contact us, privacy policy etc. You need to look and function like a real business.

Rules for Building PBN’s :


  • The PBN site you buy should remain from the same domain niche when the site got expired to protect backlinks from losing its value.
  • PBN’s you buy cannot be sold, and domains that you own cannot be shared with anyone.
  • Every domain will only link once to any of your money site to avoid the risk of using PBN.
  • Each domain will link to your money site only after it has pages created. The initial links are meant for authoritative sites in your niche.
  • Ensure there are no site wide links in your site, but only those embedded links in contextual text since non- contextual lose value in the long run.
  • Each website must have some pages like contact, about privacy policy to pass for manual review on google.
  • Different Registrars: It is wise to buy domains from different registrars and take precaution to use DNS of each registrar and not use one single server name to link all of your domains.
  • Different Hosting: Every website must be on different subnet Ip address For example when ID address is aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd then last two segments of IP address, i.e., ccc and ddd must be unique for each website in the network so that web hosts would be able to provide clients with the small range of IP address got.
  • Specific PBN Hosting: It’s often best to go with a certified PBN hosting company who can sort it all out for you to make sure your websites don’t have any footprints.
  • Ensure to keep high quality and unique content in your website and avoid spun content to add quality to your domains in PBN.

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